Friday, August 6, 2010

"Smoke in Mirrors" Coming Fall/Winter 2010

What up people! Now if youve been following me this year, you would know that Im working on my first Original project, "Smoke In Mirrors". I have actually been working on it for quite some time now,lets say hmmm, about three years. But this year I decided to change the name from "Feel My Flow" to "Smoke In Mirrors". I spent most of this year networking with other local artists, and also building an acquirement/taste of different beats/instrumentals, and in the meanwhile created a different style of delivering my vocals and lyrics. So thats why I really believe that this year is the best time to release a debut original albumn. I feel that I have finally found myself and no longer have doubts that I can do what I have set out to do with my music. Now "Smoke In Mirrors" has a certain theme that Im working hard to stick to and Im sure that when you hear it, youll love it. You will see a whole different side of F.Low that you dont see in my past mixtapes. Youll mainly see the side of James Mosley, which is the real me. Meaning I want to give you all my personal life, so you, the fans can get to know me. Everything's not always what it seems, and youll see exactly what I mean after hearing this albumn.

Here's a taste of whats to come from, "Smoke in Mirrors".

"Off Topic 2010" ft. Biggie Deaf(prod. by Flawless Tracks)

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