Sunday, March 20, 2011

*Music Video* "Straight to the Money" F.Low feat. Mass

F.Low Ft. MASS- Straight To The Money from Diffama Films on Vimeo.

After all the hardwork and spending some change, the video for, "Straight to the Money" is done. Shot and Directed by Mark at Diffama Films, the video displays the In-The-Day activities of F.Low and Mass. When someone says they are "Gettin to the money..." it doesnt necessarily mean that they are "Gettin Money". Gettin things done is what I mean when I say Im gettin "Straight to the Money"...In this video, we decieved the viewers mind into thinking that Mass and myself were hustlin(The Bad Way...), when in reality, we're hustlin with our music. In terms, Gettin Straight to the Money.

Here is the site to Diffama Films...

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