Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rappers: Local Artists charging for Features and Shows...

First of all, I will start out by saying that I am not knocking anyones hustle on this topic by any means. I just want to shed some light to a matter that happens all too often. Local artists trying to make money. Look, if you are trying to make revenue off of your music whether its selling your music, being paid to do shows, being paid to do features on other artists songs, etc. Just know that you are going to need a most recognizeable buzz. On top of that, on a business standpoint, your music itself needs to be registered and completely owned by you. That means everything is exclusively owned by you(ex. The instrumental, your music period...). In order to have your music registered, You are going to need to have a Publishers/writer/composer registry such as BMI, ASCAP, etc. if your music isnt registered by either of these companies, and youre just recording your lyrics on an non-exclusive beat, and youre trying to make money off of the record,you can be sued and many other things of that matter. So if you are trying to take youself to that level, you need to know these things.
Now, when it comes to being booked for shows and such. If I am an artist, and I am asking another artist to perform at my show(Free show), I do not owe that particular artist any monies. That is free-promo! If anything, that artist owes me. I am in the same boat as you, and Im trying to help you out in which i really didnt have to consider you in the first place. There are plenty artists that have pulled that on me. Nothing I can really do to be honest but just try to school them in that field. You have to know the business to actually conduct business. I have had artists tell me that they need to speak with their managers, their labels wont allow them to perform and of course, the ones who tried to charge me to perform at my show. The messed up thing to all of these examples is that the artist is shooting his/herself in the foot being that they are missing the point of self-promotion. I dont get it. I guess it isnt for me to get. Please Learn the business people. Register for your BMI or ASCAPs so you can recieve revenue for your hard work. learn about the whole process of being an artist. Its not all about finding a beat, recording the song and getting paid for it. There are more variables to consider. READ! RESEARCH! RECIEVE THE KNOWLEDGE! If you say you do music for the love, do it for the love. If you want money, Youre in it for the money.If you want money, then you want a deal. Then at that point its a business, take it as that and do everything in a business matter.

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