Thursday, January 26, 2012

*Introducing HBMG's Newest Member....Solo*

Born into a broken relationship in the city of Newark, New Jersey, Solomon underwent some tough times after his father left his mother before he could really get to know him. A new beginning emerged when Solo (age 5) and his family moved to the Westside of Richmond, VA. Solomon’s story began like many other young black men in society. What wasn't common was where his journey would take him. Solomon struggled early on with identity. Jordan’s and literature of all genres cluttered his bedroom floor, and a pair ray-ban frames replaced your typical custom chain. In June 2004 Solo was involved in what proved to be near fatal car crash with a tractor-trailer. A buckled in passenger in a friend’s car, Solomon was pinned in the friends mangled jeep that came to rest partially under the flat bed of a parked tractor trailer. A broken seat would be a symbol of the divide between Solomon’s past and future.
Still struggling with who he was and what he would be, Solomon enrolled in college majoring in engineering. That would not be his destiny.

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