Wednesday, November 7, 2012

*New Music* F.Low feat. G Ruck - "IDGAF(prod. by NuvoGotti)"

Latest single from F.Low featuring G Ruck titled, "IDGAF" produced by NuvoGotti. In this song, F.Low is letting any and everyone to mind their own business about what he is doing in his life. Letting fellow rappers know that picking one lane and staying in it will get you no where, so being a "Mad Rapper" will only keep you in the same category. Teaming up with G Ruck, Ruck tells his perspective of the Industry where there are indeed "Too many Rappers and not enough Fans". and whether you love him or hate him, He doesn't "Give A F*ck"!

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Listen and download "IDGAF(feat. G Ruck)" here...You're Welcome!

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